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Helmet and football

Scar tissue and tissue adhesions under the skin can cause chronic pain that keeps you from doing the things you love.


Get back to your life with Graston, an instrument assisted technique to free up restricted muscles after overuse, repetitive use, or traumatic injuries that healed improperly.

Huseman Chiropractic has adopted methods like the Graston Technique and cold laser treatment, that have helped revolutionize the field.


These are becoming some of the most preferred methods of therapy for many professional athletes and other people who suffer from every day aches and pains.

Revolutionary chiropractic practices

Reduce muscle tightness and pain today

• Carpal tunnel

• Tennis elbow

• Tendonitis

• Scar tissue

• Shin splints

• Knee pain

• Trigger finger

• Golfer's elbow

Get professional help for these common conditions

You don't want to have just your back or neck feeling good - you want your whole body to feel great! Try any of our pain management techniques or massage therapy solutions today.

Whole body relief from aches and pains

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